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In 1998 we have contributed our share as the Internet evolutions continues to progress.

First, we want to say thank you for visiting this page to read about us, our believes and philosophy.

This whole website is for the purpose of helping other businesses and individuals succeed free of charge. This means our services are free. Our free services include writing software and running an Internet membership club. In other we invest our time and money to help others.

The idea in this website is to offer our services free encouraging more people to work from home and stop travelling to earn money.

To help you relax during your visit we have included music radio stations. You will find the control buttons at the top of the pages.

You can read more about our radio stations by using the link on the left Navigation Menu.

With our higher level of sales and marketing expertise, we do not cheat by paying search engine companies and other organisations for any recommendations or high ranking. In other words, we do not pay someone else for you to trust us.

We deliver what we promise to your absolute satisfaction.

Save Link Holdings seeks to identify on Internet marketing developments and long-term opportunities for it's members.

This is membership driven website, which offers unique opportunity for people looking to start an online business as well as an excellent platform for the advertiser.

We are not going to describe how to earn money or advertise here as there are several pages explaining the process. All we can say is use our members to advertise or signup.

Each month of the year, we display different list of random selected members from our database at the top of every page. specialising Internet marketing solutions in web site design, banner design, logo design, Internet consulting.

When you use Save link promotions our dedicated members will promote your products or services. You pay direct to our members commissions upon successful sales.

Our promise to business community is that any service we can afford to offer free of charge we will do just that. For example, we give away whole page advertisement free of charge for one whole year.

Save Link and have developed a new Web Design technique which involves with Live manipulative images. This is Manipulative Moving Pictures (MMP) for Live Demo.

About our Live Pages

Save Link Promotions, the owners of Live Demo Pages can sell your merchandise faster because this is the only place on the Internet where you can demo products, try-on clothes, and fashion products on your browser.

Until we came along in 1998, no one else even thought of applying live manipulative pictures for the user to demo and tryout retail products on the Internet.

We offer online Demo Rooms for retail products and Fitting Room Mirrors for clothes, hats, sunglasses, spectacles etc that is open to the public since 2002.

After nine years later in 2007, we notice that there are other web sites still talking about online fitting room.

Save Link philosophy is to offer the best, appropriate and unique web design to each individual client. Our background is Invention, Innovation and Development.

As we suffered financial and credit loses of our unique online Live Demo rooms, we have closed the open free for all to see programs.

Our Mission

  • Is to provide usability demonstrating facility for the Internet shoppers and users.

  • Is to offer our skills, expertise, creativity, originality in design and enthusiasm to our clients.

We believe in providing unique functionality web designs, to win sales in the competitive market place. High quality services and maintaining good client relationships.

Save Link is able to offer high-quality, innovative products, high quality workmanship, friendly service at a fraction of the cost that larger companies demand.

In 1998 we developed the first Live Demo Page by converting drawings and photographs to manipulative and manoeuvrable pictures. Then we spent some three years searching to see if anyone else had already done the same. We found None. So we have the World's First Live Demo Pages.

Our Philosophy

  • Number one priority is our client's interest at heart. Our client's web site success will lead to our success too.

  • We offer originality in design with reference to business web sites. Build a unique and appropriate web design for each individual client. The service that we offer is second to none in providing Extra value for your web site.

Our method of business.

You buy one Live Demo Page and get another page absolutely free.

We will design and build one FREE Live Demo Page for your product with a link to your web site. Details are in the Demo Enter page which you will receive when you register to see the Live Demo Pages.

We carry out world wide services which includes Software Programming, Web Design, Search Engine Optimizations, Promotion, Marketing, Search Engines Directories Submission and Web Site Maintenance.

Save Link also provide Management Consulting Services.

Beside the Internet products we also provide other services Graphic Design, Photo Restoration, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design, Electronic Equipment Design.

We hope enjoy our web site. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for in particular. We will do our utmost best to help at no cost to you.