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Do you want to listen more free Gospel music?

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Gospel Music Autostart Radio

Assuming that you have Windows Multi Media Player, Amplifier and Speakers properly setup the Internet Explorer Browsers 4+, will auto start the streaming Gospel Music within ten seconds. If there is no sound after ten seconds then just refresh your browser or START again. Firefox users may need plugins.

Live Pages Autostart Gospel Music Radio In This Web Page.

Autostart means once this page loads in your Internet Explorer browser the Gospel will be playing.

We put up this Radio page in our web for the benefits of our visitors who are Gospel music fans enjoy during their visit.

Unlike any other websites out there, you are quite safe using our Radio Webpage. We tested this radio station for seven days before we use it in our website. In our Radio Webpage there is no Adware, Malware, Spyware, Popup, Toolbar, or any illegal software.

We are using this Radio Webpage every day and listen to streaming free Gospel background music.

If you love music, especially Gospel music then you will enjoy the selections of tunes from this radio station. They do not repeat the same songs every other hour.

Internet Explorer will load radio control panel and auto start the music. Make sure the Windows Media Player is enabled with amplifier and speakers connected to your system. You can use the menu to browse or just minimize this window and carry on with whatever you were doing.

Firefox browser may require plugin.

This is a great radio station and great Gospel music.

Enjoy this great Gospel Music Radio without any hassle.

If you like to sing-along, you can find the lyrics here.

You can read about how and where Gospel music originated here.

If you like to contact us about anything you may do so here.

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Read about Windows Media Player here.

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