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Online Radio Stations Free Music Entertainment

Just click on any of the eight style of music buttons and listen.

Instant One Click Play Online Radio Stations Without Toolbar

For your entertainment we offer simply click listen to Radio Stations of 24/7 free music without Ads and Ad-ware Toolbar. (No toolbar, No Ad-ware)

You can now enjoy digital quality sounds using online radio stations free music entertainment while working with computer. Save your money and energy.

The radio will auto start in few seconds. Simply click the button of your choice of music. Then minimize the page and carryon with your work. The radio station will remain open until you shut it down manually.

As these are one-click radios, they are ideal shortcut for your desktop so that you can play whenever you want.

It is also ideal music provider whether you are surfing this site or outside on the Internet. It opens a new window when you click any of the play buttons. To go back to your previous page click the radio icon the Task Bar. In other words, just minimize the radio player page and let it play in the background.

You Can Access This Page From Your Desktop

Those who have sound system can enjoy some high quality music and even take them away on the desktop with just one click. To create shortcut right click on this page.

The above image of our Online Music Radio Selector Buttons is live and interactive one click function to play.

For your entertainment, each selector button will play the appropriate music. The buttons are online radio station music player. You can get truly pleasant digital quality sound with good amplifier and speaker system.

You can use our radio stations to provide your entertainment a choice streaming music for your party or use as background music.

No Spyware No Adware No Toolbar

Online one click to play free radio stations offers many types streaming high quality digital music without Ad-ware, Malware, Spyware, Popup, Toolbar, or any illegal software.

There are no Catches, Hidden Tricks and Toolbar that takes over your computer.

You can listen to your favourite type of music to relax and enjoy surfing with less stress.

Unlike other radio music Entertainment websites out there, we present one-click to play and listen to radio stations without installing toolbar.

You are quite safe using our Radio Webpages. We tested our music provider radio station over 168 hours non-stop before we use it in our website.

You can use the menu to browse or just minimize this window and carry on with whatever you were doing.

However, Windows Multi Media Player, music providers do use advertising programs in their website. Therefore, sometimes it is possible source for Adware or Malware.



Please Use Internet Explorer. Make sure that Windows Multi Media enabled in your computer also your sound system connected and switched ON. Due to browser inconsistency, we recommend the use of Internet Explorer 6+.'

If there is problem in starting the music from your location this is due to the browser. Sometimes if too many people use our online radio stations at the same time the music will break up.

Requirement For Older Windows Operating Systems And Other Browsers

Our Radio Stations Requires Windows Media Player. You can download this from Microsoft website.

Remember to make sure the Windows Media Player is enabled. Your amplifier and speakers connected to your system properly.

We hope you find our radio stations enjoyable listening.

Music Powered by Hot Gold.


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