After The UK Brexit EU

and welcome to Brexit.

This Brexit campaign is about asking the Governments for the following.

OK, we the British have voted to leave the EU but the Governments have not awoken up yet to the real meaning of independence from the EU.

The EU are having a laugh.

Our PM should not bag for free trade as it is simply not right. If we ask for the free trade it will not happen until the EU wants to trade with the UK. We should hold the trump card and wait for the EU to ask UK for the tread deals.

We need to impose import duty on EU products. This because we are importing more than they do from UK. In the long run they are the losers.

This new Brexit independence means we the British have to produce our own food and consumer products. We should not keep on importing everything from EU. To do this the Governments must encourage and help the people in the UK.

Now is the time the both Governments to wake up and face the fact otherwise, why leave the EU?

This means for five years the central Government must abolish the income tax and the local Government should also abolish the business rates for all the small manufacturing and the farming industries.

All new farmers and manufacturers should get five years tax and the business rates free from the starting date.

More start-up grants should be available for these two sectors.

These proposals are hard to achieve just by one individual.

Please join this campaign, as I cannot see any other way to the improvements for better future.

You may use the form below to join. It is free and I will never ask you for any money for joining or in the future either, all I need is your support for this campaign to work.

I am running three campaigns.

1. Teach Young People Electronics

2. Bring Back The Component Manufacturing To The UK

3. Brexit

I am using my own in order to fund all three campaign. For the future funding I have designed manufacture the Lightweight Paving Slabs and Dust Free Cup Hangers to sell. I hope all goes according to plan soon.

If have any comments please use the form below or the puplic Chat Room.

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