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Do These People Really Care About The Young People's Future?

BBC Don't want to help and don't even reply to three letters.

Phillip Lee MP My MP Don't want to help and don't even reply to one email and one hand delivered letter.

Daily Mail Two letters and three emails Don't want to help and no reply.

Prime Minister Three letters sent with two replies and was told the PM will be responding.

Nick-Boles Cannot help.

Nicky Morgan Cannot Help.

In the modern world without technical knowledge and skills in electronics there never be long term sustainable economic growth.

Now that the digital age is upon us our future generations will suffer with shortage of jobs if we do nothing and leave it to the politicians to take care. The politicians don’t really care as long as they have their jobs. We need to join force to make the next Government to take actions.


Electronic components are the main source because all the other industries use them. Just to start with the mechanise they employ have Electronic components inside. Whatever you are using to read this has Electronic Components inside.

Furthermore there are terrible security risk for our country as we are in the digital age.

The UK needs to manufacture supply electronic components and products in order to create more jobs and long term economic growth.

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Our country should manufacture the components in order to generate new money for economic growth and save the NHS.

We are all using imported electronic gadgets in our daily life so why not manufacture better quality products in the UK by using our own components?

Since the end of 1960 increasing number of inconsiderate business people are still thinking that it is cheaper to import components and to manufacture products outside the UK. These people are not actually generating any new money for our economic growth. The people with influence and power fails to see the damaging consequences to our country.

I have written many letters to all main newspapers and to the BBC and they don't care about such an important issue. I assume the news media people want this country on it's knees so that the BBC enjoy announcing bad stories all day long and the newspapers make money.

I have been writing to every Government. I first started this campaign for components during Harold Wilson’s Government 1970s and I am still campaigning for components in the year 2015 for our future generation.

In my last letter of 6 October 2014 to the Prime Minster I pointed out the importance of components and received a reply that he will pass on my letter to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

On the 12 December 2014 I received a letter from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills of not much interest to the manufacturing of components. As usual they are simply talking something different instead of this issue.

Our economy has not really grown because we stopped manufacturing components in the UK. Without components we cannot manufacture products. Without products we cannot export. Without export we cannot generate new money.


In our modern digital world it is insecure and dangerous to continue using foreign made electronic products. This is because it easy to implant spy software within any digital component in electronic products such as mobile phones, radios, and literally any electric powered products even motor vehicles.


We should unite and ask the Government to take action towards educating the young generation about components and invest in this manufacturing industry.


We want the Government to immediately implement a new policy to educate our young generation on electronic components and electronic engineering.

After my resent HMG e-petition/survey to bring back the Electronic Component Manufacturing Industries to the UK I have come to the conclusion that most politicians are not interested. They do not want to do anything that is little difficult to accomplish. They must be thinking that employers will simply jump down from the sky to create jobs and generate economic growth.

The central Government needs to invest in the manufacturing of Electronic Component industries.

There are 2,200 Local Government Councillors are in support to bring back the Electronic Component Manufacturing Industries to the UK. You can read what some of the Councillors have said here.

The politicians in the Westminster are not doing enough to generate new money.


For years our economy is based on simply moving the money around within the areas by buying and selling imported products and therefore not really generating new money.

In the modern world everything comes from electronics while the UK has a very small part in this industry because, the politicians do not want to understand that without UK made components our economy will not grow therefore the NHS and all government funded organisations are suffering.

The NHS desperately needs funding to maintain the usual high standards.

Our NHS doctor’s surgeries and A&E departments cannot cope with the government cutbacks therefore the services are deteriorating fast.


In this competitive economic world we need to manufacture all of the electronic components in order to bring long-term economic growth.

Over forty years the overseas electronic component manufacturers have been controlling the quality of UK made consumer electronic products which was why the UK manufacturers closed down.

The UK needs to manufacture it's own components in order to compete against the imported products.

Importing too many components and products to the UK is creating our economic crises and financial difficulties for many people in our country.

Currently there are only a few companies that manufactures just specialised components in the UK. All the components for consumer products are imported from the Far East. (Links to foreign investors at what cost?)

Without high quality components it is impossible to manufacture any kind of reliable products in the UK for us to buy and for the world market.

In general without our own make of components the economic recovery for UK will take much longer or never recover.

For our long term Economic Growth the UK needs to develop new techniques and technologies to manufacture more products.

The objectives of this campaign are Sustainable Economic Growth, New Jobs and Pay Rises. Therefore, for these purposes we have to unite so that the Government will implement a new policy to manufacture components in the UK.

It would be a great help to speedup this campaign for a debate if you can spend two minutes of your time to join in favour of UK made high quality components and products.

Therefore, it is up to everyone over the age of 18 in the UK to join force to ask the HMG to invest on the Electronic Component Supply Manufacturing Industries.

Join this truly meaningful campaign in the interest of bringing better future for the young people and future generations.

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