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While MPs get paid and huge pay rises but Councillors being squeezed.

In the 21st century all local authority Councillors should be paid at least the Living Wages plus expenses for the work they are doing for their Communities. The VAT should belong to the local authority Councils in order to pay their Councillors.

There are a growing number from 2660 truly hard working Councillors will do anything to create more jobs and economic growth for their Communities. We will continue to add more good Councillors as we find them. Below is a short list of Good Councillor names compiled in alphabetical order that have voted for the development of the electronic industries including training, apprenticeship, business skills etc. As this will bring all kind of new business, trades that will create new jobs and generate economic in the area.

Voters Choice Of Good Hard Working Councillors

UK's Good Councillors Click-Show Display List
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Alan Bennett
Andrew Sherris
Anne Underwood
Barbara Jackson
Brian Oosthuysen
Carl Rice
Charlotte Haitham Taylor
Chris Gordon
Chris Williams
Dale Smith
David Budd
David Hall
Elaine V. Williams
Ernie Hendricks
Garry Parvin
Gavin Chambers
Gillian Summers
Guy Roberts
Howard Robert Johnson
Ian Cruise
Jack Speight
Jean Teesdale
Jeremy Sparks
Jerry Evans
Jess Phillips
John A Frudd
John Copsey
John Gerrard
John Mullen
Kath Bonner-Dunham
Linda Tyler Lloyd
Lisa Forbes
Madeline Murray
Mahmood Hussain
Margaret Pattison
Mario Fonk
Mark Cummins
Mevyn Jeffery
Michael Cordingley
Michael McVeigh
Mike Stubbs
Mike Ward
Nadia Cenci
Norman Alec Bradbury
Patricia Callaghan
Paul Bettison
Paul Tilsley
Paul Wild
Penny Holbrook
Peter Kane
Philip Leason
Phil Walkling
Reginald Corns
Richard Johnson
Sandra Kyriakides
Sandy Lovatt
Stephen Canning
Susan Judith Gallagher
Tony Skottowe
Victoria Quinn
William John Cross
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