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Dangerous Cup Hooks

harmful cup hooks

If you have these types of hooks you need to replace them with Elvins Cup Hooks and hang your cups and mugs facing upside down so no dusts can fall inside. Furthermore, your drinks will taste pure.

There are so many harmful cup hooks available, if you are searching for cup hooks or mug hanger read this before ordering the wrong types of dangerous cup hooks.

In today's world with high level of air particulate pollution these types of cup hooks are no longer suitable for hanging cups and mugs.

All transactional type of cup hooks will hang the cups and mugs facing sideways are not suitable for the 21st century therefore considered as dangerous for health.

Even the British Institute Football Association (FA) has banned these types of hooks.

Dangerous cup hooks always hang your cups facing sideways and collect all kinds of dirty poisonous dust.

dangerous cup hooks
dangerous cup hooks

A Better Method Of Hanging Cups And Mugs On Hook Hangers That Prevents Dirty Dust In Your Tea Or Coffee

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