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Floating Ads Image Text click-thru Moving Along Sponsor Area

Livepages Floating Ads is one of the best way to get more new customers.

Our Floating Ads is a box that carries images, text and click-through links that moves along up and down in the sponsor area.

While everyone else just talking a lot about floating ads here you can actually see the real Floating ads with Image, Text and Click-thru in action.

Our Floating Ads is box that moves on the right hand side of the pages with click through links that could possibly deliver potential Customers.

We offer the most cost effective click-thru advertising with the difference. You advertise for FREE with us. You do not pay us a single penny. You simply pay your usual affiliates commissions direct to our members when you have made the sales.

Floating ads click-thru ads will receive far more attention than ordinary ads. As you scroll the page the advertisements are always visible it dose not matter where you are on the page.

The normal Free Ads dimensions of the Floating Ads are width 200px height 80px.

Without a doubt, others will try to copy our floating ads but they cannot compete with our promotion system for producing results.

To start your advertising campaign please go to our members website clicking any of the countries displayed in our Sales Team Box above and send in your advert.

To advertise or custom build the floating ads please contact us for more information.



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