Garden Paving Slabs For DIY & Professionals

garden paving slab
edging paving slab
paving slabs
Dark Gray Paving Slab
garden paving slabs
Light Gray Paving Slab

Elvins offers superior hardwearing beautiful paving slabs especially for Garden designs and makeovers. Our garden paving slabs are maintenance free which is a new breakthrough for the DIY and the Professional gardeners.

Our paying slabs are especially manufactured for garden use. By using our garden paving slabs you will find them to be easier to build immaculate looking patios and garden walkways. You don't need sand and cement or any mortar.

Instruction to lay our paving slabs all you have to do is dig out about 16cm the area where you want pave, then fill it with hardcore and level it, then fill it with soft sand. Level the sand with spirit level and a length of straightedge wood. Wet the sand with water and lay the paving slabs using a rubber mallet.

Dimensions: 400mm X 350mm X50mm Weight: 1.9kg Colours: Dark Gray and Light Gray.