UK was an industrial country why did the Politicians allow it to go away? Now in the digital age how could we generate new money without manufacturing and exporting?

To generate new money we the British people need to manufacture more products for the export market.

Since 1966 I tried asking all the successive HM’s Governments for help but they have not taken direct action to help the Electronic Component Manufacturing Industries.

I have also asked the Newspapers and the BBC to make awareness sadly they don’t want to know. But why don’t they help or even reply, do anyone know?

Our country’s economy is deteriorating fast. Therefore, I am asking the British people to join force in order to ask the next Government to invest on the Electronic Component Manufacturing Industries. As without this particular industry, UK cannot manufacture consumer electronic products for export to generate new money. Without generating new money the Government cannot fund all of the public sectors.

We want the next HM’s Government to take the necessary action to educate the young people electronics.

Please help bring back Electronic Component Manufacturing to the UK as this will benefit the country and save the NHS. Without generating new money we may have to pay to see our GP when we become ill.

Without manufacturing Electronic Components our economy is being badly damaged every year since the swinging 60's.

In the interest of public awareness please show any of the four images below on your website. Simply copy and paste the code below on your web pages and/or in your social media websites.

Left click on yellow box and select the text then right click to copy and paste.

When the Electronic Component Manufacturing returns the rest of the industries that we lost will follow.

Teach Electronics in Schools Campaign Form

Should we teach the young people electronics in schools?