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Online Fitting Mirror


Online Fitting Mirror

Why not use our interactive fitting mirror to see how great you would look with any new clothes before you buy.

We offer interactive wardrobe full of latest fashion of clothes of your choice for you to try-on right now.

We have been offering online fitting mirrors since1998 and to the public since 2002.

Are you still buying fashion products online without trying them on first on your computer?

Shopping for clothes is fun when you use our online fitting mirror.

Men, women and children can try-on clothes all the latest Fashion without undressing on the computer today.

By using our Online Fitting Mirror you can try-on Clothes, Jewelleries, Hats, Sunglasses, and Shoes etc online provided there are useable images of the products.

Once we have setup your online Private Wardrobe Mirror you simply login and use it.

The Virtual Realty Online Fitting Mirror is instant and interactive. There is no need to download any third party plug-in.

This means before you order clothes you can see on your Browser exactly how you will look with particular clothes on you.

If you see any clothes on the web that you like we will make available for you to try-on and see yourself wearing it in your Browser. Apply for your Interactive Wardrobe Mirror.

You don't have to undress to use our Online Fitting Mirror it is virtual realty.





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