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North Wales Family Home Accommodations Suitable For Female Students


Thank you for taking the time to visit North Wales Family Home Accommodations.

We have a 5 bedroom with 2 bathrooms house. We have reserved 3 bedroom accommodations for 6 students to stay. Each bedroom is beautifully furnished for female students with at least two bed, a dressing table, desk and chair.

We supply all bed and bath linens, weekly use of laundry facilities for washing personal clothings. Wireless internet connections and printing are available at no extra cost.

Breakfast and Evening Dinner provided.

We can provide transport to and from the Railway Station.

If you are looking for a good family home in North Wales suitable for a group of female students to stay you are welcome to pre-book your accommodations.

North Wales Students Accommodations advance booking now available for comfortable rooms ideally suitable for European female students visiting the North Wales England.

PaulRhos Student Accommodations

North Wales Student Accommodation is a private property near the seafront with rooms to let which is run by friendly husband and wife team. See what previous students say about our accommodations.

We are always looking for more family homes in North Wales with accommodations for students.

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PaulRhos Student Accommodations
Telephone:+44 01492 513 464
Mobile: 07708 923 350
Email: PaulRhos





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